Women, Religion and Revolution.

Hey all! How is everyone?  Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Have not been able to connect with you guys for a long time but today I felt like talking to all of you.

For the past few days, something has been truly bothering me, and I am sure it must be for others too. However, one particular incident just left me speechless and filled me with a lot of anger too.

I am definite that you all must have heard words like Sulli and Bullibai deals. Trust me while writing also there is anguish and pain in me.

Before reading this blog of mine, let me clarify it is not any religion-based blog, it just talks about the women of our own country.

For people who are not aware of the incident, let me narrate it to you. Two days back the photos of some girls of Muslim religion were put on some app for auction. Yes, some girls of reputed families were taken aback when their near and dear ones had to call them and tell them that their pictures were up for prostitution. Just imagine the condition of their parents, their friends, and most importantly how they must have felt on seeing all that.

Just try to put your foot in their shoes and imagine how they would face society the next day. How difficult it must have been for them to answer the calls and give their side of explanation that it is not them who are doing this kind of work? How painful it must have been for them to hear some stupid men calling them and asking their hourly rate?

Uffff! Even while writing I can feel their discomfort. They must have felt so embarrassed. 
But in my opinion, why they should be embarrassed about this. They did not do anything wrong in fact, they are the victims. It is something like a girl is molested, and then she is not only made to feel like the culprit but also undeniably treated like one of them. Maybe that is the reason that many rape cases are not even reported in India.

It should be an embarrassment for the people who thought of such a heinous crime. An embarrassment for the people who thought of doing such detestable actions and mean and nasty things. And I am certain that they must have thought this would bring glory to their country or religion.

So let’s make it very clear to all those morons that by doing this not only did they make us all ashamed and but also made us feel sorry for our nation, as this is the youth that is going to lead our country in the coming times.

NO RELIGION  teaches us to disrespect the women of any other religion.
On one side, people are praying Goddess Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, and all other deities, and on the other hand, they are disrespecting other girls. Wah- wah, and you feel this proves that you love and respect your religion.

What if the same thing happened with any Hindu girl? Then these people by now would have started sacrilege killings, killings in the name of saving their daughters, their religion, and God knows what all. Being a Hindu girl myself, I feel awful for those innocent girls. What was the fault of those girls?

If all these happenings are taken by us in a lighter way or just like another news, thinking that it does not concern me, it is a different religion, (btw it does concern all of us as these were the girls of our country)they deserve it types, they weren’t my known ones, then that day is not far when we all will become animals once again and will be ready to hurt each other for our benefits. That day is not far when a little bit of humanity that is left in all of us will soon leave our souls because of our cowardliness.

And just like topping on the ice, no political party is taking any action, they are not even releasing any statement, no media channel is talking or the latest trend these days, debating about it.
Kyu Ab nahin Puchtha hai Bharat?

Well talking about political parties and true journalism needs another blog. 

Today I just want to ask. “When did our country begin to stoop so low? When did it happen that our country stopped respecting women? When did it happen that people became so spineless that they remain quiet even after seeing something wrong? When did my Bharat Mahaan become like this?”
It is now high time to realise that women all over should be treated with dignity. It is high time to separate women and religion and bring a revolution. 

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