Why women should apologize more than men?

Hey all, my Kings and Queens, tell me one thing, how many sorry can make you forget the other person’s mistakes?

I am sure and confident that all my dearies, women, will say just one sorry will make them forget everything and make them fall in the arms of their beloved.

But all the handsome men there will comply with me that ONE sorry won’t suffice for them.

I think it is all clear to you what I am trying to say here.

Yes, it is about the mistakes and the apologies following thereafter.

Now, it has been proved in a study that women tend to apologize more than men do.

No, it is not that the men are stubborn or have their ego holding them to do so and are also called ‘Bull- headed’ because of this. But, it is because we, both sexes, have our perspectives, one’s own way of seeing things and analyzing situations differently. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEN REFUSING TO ADMIT WRONGDOINGS.

The reason is simply a mistake that is considered as big as an elephant for women is perceived as small as an ant for the opposite gender.

So, waking a friend in the middle of the night, makes us feel bad if their next day is affected, we end up feeling guilty, and thus apologize. For the same scenario, the men just enjoy it as a prank and are least bothered thinking about their next day’s performance.

One more example I will cite, I think we all can recollect that women constantly say things like, “Sorry I didn’t respond to your text message,” or “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about that email,” may reinforce the notion that they have done something wrong. 

On the other hand, men merely want to consider how their behavior affects those around them. Are there times when they might have hurt someone–although unintentionally–and then an apology may be warranted from them? 

MEN rate the offenses as less severe than women do. These different ratings of severity predict the behaviour of both the sexes, judgment by men and women whether an apology is required or not. 

This finding suggests that men apologize less frequently than women because they have a higher threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior. Yes, it is true, men actually have more patience than women, when it comes to ignore or hold misfit behaviour. Surprised! It left me also awe-struck when I read the findings.

Now this is what I want to talk about next. Women are more involved in their relationships. Less refusal, more engagement, more commitment, holding relations heartily, not letting them go in totality means WOMEN.

They are always ready to forgive and move on. They are more than willing to give a second, third, fourth and so on chance to their relationship. You may it call their inner will power, their nature, or their helplessness at times. 

 If given a choice where only she is involved she would never end anything, not even any toxic relationship.They are never the first ones to leave or end any relation until it becomes extreme and goes out of proportion, and in most cases the women take the harsh step of moving on is for their children.

All this because of one simple thing always feeling sorry for yourself or saying sorry repetitively. 

Women apologizing more could cause them to experience excessive guilt and toxic self-blame. And it may destroy their confidence, which could in turn lead to more apologies. I won’t elaborate on things that happen when one loses confidence, self-esteem. That we all know. 

What happens next?  

These things can go on and on but after a while, even women lose it. Yes, they lose it, they decide that it is the time to end this sorry thing, this nature of ours always being apologetic and they let things take turn the way they are supposed to be.

They become like their male counterparts and that is what our partners don’t like.  They can’t accept the fact that we have changed and are no more ready to give in just for the sake of making someone happy.

This thing is not digested by them easily that no one is coming to them to pamper them or sort things out. And that is when things are blown out of proportion. This thing troubles them, that is when the problem in a relationship starts.

I won’t say that men are wrong here. Nobody likes changes. We all resist change. Even men don’t like it but, they forget the truth that change is the only constant in life.

It is we, women, who have made them like this. We spoilt them by apologizing unnecessarily and being always at their mercy.

It is something we all have done, have been doing and nobody knows it will continue till when. 

Through this blog I just want all beautiful ladies to understand that it is high time to change ourselves, high time to be equal in real than just taking, ‘equal and equality,’ as mere words.

We can’t just change overnight and then expect our boys to understand us. Let us all not make the statement, “Girls can’t be understood,” stand true.

Stop being apologetic to others and for yourself.

Just enjoy your life and be happy. Keep smiling and make others also smile.

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